New Partnerships 2021-2022

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New Partnerships 2021-2022

May 23, 2022

As we soar new heights in the aviation industry, we continue to forge new partnerships with industry-leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors from North America, Europe, and Asia:



ALLIANCE AEROSPACE ENGINEERING is a manufacturer of FAA-PMA parts for Boeing landing gears. GAAS has been authorised to distribute their products.


Aviation & Electronics Support (Singapore)

Aviation & Electronics Support is a provider of Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Part 145 services for avionics components. GAAS has been authorised to promote and sell their products and services.



AVPARTS is a supplier of Boeing-licensed parts for landing gears. GAAS has been authorised to sell and distribute their products.


EPOS (Denmark)

EPOS is a manufacturer of air traffic controllers’ headsets. GAAS has been authorised to sell, supply, and provide after-sales support for EPOS Audio A/S Aviation Air Traffic Control and Command, Control & Communications/Government Systems headsets and related products specifically in the UAE, and to the UAE Government and other selected Middle East Markets.



GLOBAL-SYS is a manufacturer of wireless communication systems. GAAS has been authorised to pursue business opportunities in the UAE on their behalf.


NSE Groupe (France)

NSE Groupe is a specialist of Night Vision Cockpit system upgrades. GAAS has been authorised to promote their NSE Conception Business Unit products.



SKYMO is a manufacturer of non-dangerous cleaning products for aircrafts and helicopters. GAAS has been authorised to distribute the SKYMO Aviation, Industrial, Janitorial, and Transportation line of products.


TESTIA (France)

TESTIA is an AIRBUS Company that provides NDT training services and certification. It also manufactures NDT inspection tools. GAAS has been authorised to distribute their products and services.


TLD (France)

TLD is a manufacturer of Ground Support Equipment (GSE). GAAS has been appointed to represent TLD for all their military projects in the UAE and to supply their genuine spare parts on demand.


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