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In addition to our core business of airline component and spare parts support, we offer consignment solutions to airlines looking to minimise their on-site stock holding and maximise the return on the value of their stocks. ​

We offer this service both to companies no longer needing to support an aircraft type and wanting to maximise the sale value of a now obsolete stock, and to companies still operating or supporting the aircraft type but looking to reduce in-house holdings, gain a return on the value of these stocks, but still have just in time availability of their stocks. ​We currently hold consignments of rotables and consumables from multiple airlines and repair agencies, including from operators who have entrusted entire aircraft to our consignment program. Please reach out to us to learn more and explore the possibilities.​

Aircraft/Helicopter Spare Parts & Component full support

GAAS specialises in the support of aircraft operators primarily at the component support and spare parts level. Covering all areas of airframe component usage within this field, we offer the following services:

  • Consumables
  • Spare parts
  • Expendables
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Rotables

We supply from our inventory, OEM agreements or approved vendors.


GAAS supports all your requirements related to Ground
Support Equipment’s (GSE):


  • Supply Factory New or refurbished GSE’s (outright sale   or Lease)
  • Supply spare parts to maintain your GSE’s fleet
  • Provide predictive/corrective maintenance

Expendables consignment inventory

GAAS stores an agreed amount of inventory in our customers’ facility/warehouse, so they can source parts directly from their stock but only purchase what they require.
  • NO MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)​
  • NO MOV (Minimum Order Value)​
  • NO shipping charges​
  • NO delivery wait time
  • ONE monthly payment as per consumption​​

Surplus Consignment Program​

GAAS provides storage for our customers’ surplus inventory at our warehouse, markets them at Fair Market Value, and sends monthly and quarterly sales reports for components sold.
  • Free up your warehouse space​​
  • Generate cash for your current operations​​​

Rotables Inventory Consignment

GAAS stores high-demand components in our customers’ facility/warehouse, so they can access them instantly. Alternatively, we store the components at our warehouse and ship them as needed.

  • NO MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)​​
  • NO MOV (Minimum Order Value)
  • NO shipping charges​
  • NO delivery wait time
  • ONE monthly payment as per consumption
  • We provide storage at our facility
  • We ship when you need it​

Rotables Inventory Pooling – to avoid AOG situation

GAAS stores high-demand serviceable components at our facility and manages repairs and restocks when core units are returned.
  • One stock access
  • NO repair management

Custom Maintenance Kitting

GAAS creates pre-packaged and labelled kits with individual spare parts to make recurring maintenance procedures more efficient and simplify the supply chain.


In partnership with TESTIA, GAAS provides Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) trainings and certifications across all methods for NDT technicians of all levels (Levels 1-3). Training sessions are available in multiple languages upon request.
  • Trainees work with real NDT installations, equipment and devices no matter the level​​
  • Real aerospace parts inspected during training.​
  • Certification packages​
  • Rich and varied training experience​
  • Extended training options: NDT methods and complementary training​
To learn more about our training methods visit​ ​


GAAS supports Component OEMs in developing their business in the UAE and Middle East’s civil and defense industry by providing product storage and distribution. All products supplied, repaired, or overhauled are properly procured, stored, inspected, and handled according to the standards and specifications outlined by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and regulatory authorities.

Aircraft/ Helicopter Asset Management​

GAAS helps optimise our customers’ profitability by converting their inventory into a revenue-generating asset. Our range of inventory encompasses all areas of aircrafts and helicopters, including engines, landing gears, propellers, pneumatic hydraulic and electrical equipment, instruments avionics and navigational equipment, and interior and airframe components, including flying surfaces, leading edges, and large consumable stocks.

Repair & Overhaul Management

GAAS offers repair management across every aspect of the cycle, from dealing with workshops, tackling tough timelines, negotiating deals, and delivering on time. Our services include dispatching unserviceable components to FAA/EASA-approved repair stations network, consolidating shipments, and returning repaired or overhauled equipment.
  • Single point of contact
  • FAA/EASA Part 145